Pennies Are Winners Of The Wilder Kent Awards

Pennies are thrilled to announce that our Newnham Court and Hockers Lane settings have both been winners in the recently announced Wilder Kent Awards. All 35 entrants in the awards earned a prize from a commendation to a silver award (there were no gold awards given), and only seven winners earned silver. BOTH of our settings were amongst the silver awards. Firstly, this is a testament to some hard work and dedication put in, especially by those managing sustainability in these settings and the kitchen staff who have been working hard to increase plant-based options.  This achievement is just the start for Pennies, we’ll let you know soon about out plans to increase our work in sustainability and you are likely to see notices up in our settings and communications on our social media explaining the next developments. Mark Cross – in Sussex – wasn’t eligible to apply for a Wilder Kent Award, but will be first in line for the next stage of our initiatives on sustainability.

The Wilder Kent winners are listed on their website: https://www.kentwildlifetrust.org.uk/wkawinners2021