At Pennies, we use a system called Tapestry to aid your child’s key person when implementing the next steps of your child’s development and capturing those unmissable moments, whilst they have fun at nursery.

Tapestry allows us to capture those spontaneous learning moments and allows us to share them with you, on a weekly basis, with a selection of written observations, photos and videos.

Your child’s key person uses these observations to help build a learning path which follows the development stages of your child, step by step. You can use Tapestry too, by uploading all those fun adventures you have at home.

These family moments can spur further learning and define points for your child’s key person to concentrate on at nursery. At Pennies, we pride ourselves on our Partnership with parents and on building close relationships with our key children and families.

Tapestry allows us to share information and help guide each other with your child’s next steps of learning and development.  Your child’s key person will guide you through Tapestry on your child’s first settling-in session.