Range of Childcare

We provide full-time childcare for pre-school children starting from three months of age. Our PKC (Kids Clubs) offer part-time and full-time holiday places for children to the age of 11, and our nannying services are available for children of all ages. Please visit the pages dedicated to the age of child and type of childcare relevant to your needs, and contact us directly if there is anything further you need to know.



All Pennies’ nurseries contain purpose built baby units, allowing us to give personal attention to our smallest children. We work closely with parents to understand the individual routine...



The toddler stage covers all children above babies and under pre-school. Where babies are already at Pennies, we work closely with parents to determine the point at which each child...



As with the move from baby to toddler rooms, there is no set age for children to join our Pre-School group. We work closely with parents to find the perfect...


PKC Breakfast & After School Clubs

Our breakfast clubs are available from 7am at Newnham Court and Mark Cross, serving breakfast until 8am, until we start taking the children to school at 8.10am. Our after school club starts as soon as we collect the children from school, they are free to play, take part in an activity or do their homework. 


Pennies Pre-School (Term Time Only)


We would like to welcome you to our Pennies Pre-School term time only web page.

Pennies Newnham Court opened a new Pre-School term time only room on 20th April 2015. ...