Curiosity Approach

Filling our playtime with curiosity, wonder and awe, at Pennies, we are focusing on the Curiosity Approach accreditation.

What is the Curiosity Approach?

In a world where technology and screens have taken over, our children are missing the opportunities to explore imaginatively with authentic resources, letting their minds be the leaders of their learning.

A big focus of the curiosity approach is to engage with loose parts play, which offers unlimited paths for imaginative tinkering. These loose parts can be from sticks to cotton reels. Natural and authentic resources give a multitude of options for a child’s mind to be filled with imaginative play ideas. This approach to learning and play encourages children to be curious in their environment, finding small cubby holes filled with treasures to investigate.

As the children sip from their china cups and pour milk from their milkman’s bottles, incorporating these authentic resources into the children’s play, helps teach precious lessons of respect and consequence.

The children use their senses to learn as they touch, see, hear, smell, and taste the play opportunities provided. Lavender scented water, minted gloop, and gingerbread playdough are just a few of the inviting smells that fill the nursery. There really are no limits to how curious the mind can be.

We provide the beginning, and the children create the middle and the end!