Pennies Neil Nixon speaks to KMTV

Pennies’ environmental work is getting us noticed, earlier this week Neil – our Head of Brand Management – appeared on KMTV’s Kent on Climate to give an update on the work we’re doing with local partners and show some clips and photos illustrating the range of this work. It remains important to us that all the children at Pennies (nurseries, forest school and PKC) get the chance to engage with nature and explore the lessons nature has to teach them and the simple joy they can find in engaging with all aspects of the natural world.
An overview of what we’re doing and why it matters to us is here –  Pennies’ feature starts around 6 mins 30 secs and lasts four minutes:  https://www.kentonline.co.uk/kmtv/video/kent-on-climate-wednesday-20th-september-57468/